Monday, September 12, 2011


Last month I entered a new world in digital information. My family gave me an e-reader for my birthday. How they knew I wanted one is beyond me...maybe they got the idea when I saw an Ad on TV and screamed "I want one of those!".

Well I got one and I love it. It is lightweight, easy to hold and convenient.
How convenient?

Let me tell you a story...the other night a friend of mine was explaining how he was waiting for a book he had purchased to arrive in the mail. I said, "What, why don't you get an e-reader. You can download a book quickly whenever you want". I took my e-reader out and demonstrated. I picked a book I'd been wanting to read and downloaded it. To be honest I was amazed myself at how fast the book downloaded. The person I was with was shocked..."Are you kidding, you mean now you have your book and can read it? Just like that! And I'm still waiting for the book I want to be mailed to me. Wow".

And me I'm lucky to have an iPhone and an iPad too (more gifts I got with a little hinting). I downloaded my e-reader's App to these and now I can also read my book on these devices. The program even remembers where I left off from device to device.

I know sometimes I get carried away, but I wonder if it is only a matter of time before the printed book succumbs to the electronic page.

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kad barma said...

Burlington HS has distributed iPads to all students so to be able to distribute and update textbooks electronically. Sure seems like the wave of the future. The remaining question seems to be whether general purpose readers like iPads, or specific purpose readers, like Kindles, will win out from a hardware perspective. There's something to be said for each option. (I'm still reading from paper, so don't ask me!)