Friday, September 30, 2011

New MassLandRecords: Registered Land

The new becomes the default search site over the weekend.  You'll still be able to click into the old version, but that will only be available until January 2012.  The following is some info about the Registered Land search options on the new version.

Like any other search, you begin by positioning the cursor over the "Seach Criteria" link on the upper menu bar. The choices for Registered Land are:

  • Name Search
  • Book Search
  • Certificate Search
  • Document Search
  • Property Search
  • Recorded Date Search
 Name Search and Property Search work similarly to those functions in Recorded Land (which I wrote about HERE).  Certificate Search is unique to the Registered Land application and is very useful when you already have the certificate number.  It starts with a drop down menu for certificate types - blank means a normal certificate, "c" means a condominium certificate and "u" means a unit certificate.  Most of the time you'll just leave that field blank.  Then enter the certificate number and click "search."

All documents related to that certificate are returned as a result of that search.  Click on any one of the documents to highlight it and then look to the right hand window of your computer screen.  There are four options.  The first (and default) is "View Details" which gives you all of the data about the document.  The second tab is "View Images" which allows you to see the scanned image of the document you highlighted.  The third tab is "View Certificate" which allows you to see the body of the certificate.  The fourth and final tab is "View Encumbrances" which presents the entries on the memoranda of encumbrances that are found within the computer system.

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