Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Four Techie Briefs

Here are my four most interesting techie briefs for today:

Apple iPhone 5 will be revealed to the public on October 4 and according to everything I'm reading it won't be much different than iPhone 4...accept, and this is big, the new iPhone will run on Apple's A5 Chip which is much faster than its predecessor.

Google's new social networking service, google plus saw a huge 120o% spike in users last week. Of course, much of this increase can be attributed to the fact that last week was the first week the service was offered beyond invitation only.

There is another supposed "iPad killer" coming out. This time its Amazon trying and toppled the Apple giant. Amazon's new tablet, which is scheduled to hit the market September 28, is called the Fire. Why do some people think Fire may be THE iPad killer? Price!...rumors has it Amazon's tablet will hit the market for under $300, nearly half the price of the iPad 2.

And finally, the worlds largest internet search engine, google, turns thirteen today. Happy Birthday to a company that is changing the world.

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