Tuesday, December 13, 2011

eBooks for Free

As I get older, I get cheaper. Let me explain...

Last August my family gave me a Nook eReader for my sixtieth birthday (I'm the cheap one, not my family).
I love it.
But since then I've been buying an eBook every couple of weeks or so, that's a problem for a cheap guy like me.
I just finished reading a "small" book by humorist Dave Barry titled Dave Barry Turns 50. Now, if you've ever read Dave Barry you know, although very entertaining, his material is not very scholarly...in other words you can blast through one of his books in no time.
I paid $9.99 for Dave Barry Turns 50. Ten bucks for a quick read like that?! No way...but, as I mentioned I love my Nook.
What can I do?
The other day I met a friend and shared conversation and enjoyed a coffee with him (he had his own coffee and I had mine own, I'm not that cheap).

Me: You know, I love my Nook by I don't want to pay 10 bucks for an eBook every week.
Him: This coffee is good...Did you say something?
Me: I said since I turned sixty I'm too cheap to buy eBooks.
Him: Do you want a piece of Danish?
Me: I'd love a Danish but I'm not paying 2 bucks for one. Did I tell you I paid 10 bucks for Dave Barry Turns 50 ?
Him: I thought you turned sixty not fifty?
Me: I said "Dave Barry" turned fifty, not me. Maybe when Barry does turn sixty he'll get cheap like me and reduce the price of his eBooks. I'm hungry. I wonder what they're charging for a muffin?
Him: Get'em at the library?
Me: Why, are they selling muffins cheap at the library?
Him: Not the muffins, the eBooks.
Me: What?
Him: You can get your eBooks at the library for free right here in Lowell and most other surrounding communities.
Me: Really...are you saying I can download eBooks to my Nook (or Kindle) right from the library for free? Is it difficult to do?
Him: This Danish is fabulous...I think this is homemade jelly on it.
Me: Forget that...Do I need a special computer or buy software to borrow eBooks from the library.
Him: No, ...just go on to your local library's website, download the necessary free software they provide and you are ready to get a free eBook.
Me: Wow, maybe we should head to the Pollard Library.
Him: You don't have to go the library... you can download eBooks right from your home computer.
Me: I was talking about the cheap muffins you said they had.
Him: No cheap muffins...but free eBooks

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