Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Five Excellent Techie Info Sites (and a Bonus)

I enjoy reading about technology...and fortunately, there are a number of terrific sources of information for the technology oriented. Below I have listed five of my "many" favorites:

AllThingsDigital: Is owned by the Wall Street Journal. This is a powerhouse of information. When you visit you'll find news, opinion and commentary on, well "all things digital".

CNet: One of my absolute favorite information websites. CNet focuses much attention on digital consumer items (that's why I like it so much). In addition to the website CNet publishes a blog and podcasts.

Gizmodo: According to Technorati, Gizmodo is in the top five visited websites in the world. It offering information about cool electronic gadgets... and uncool ones too.

PCWorld: Maybe the most commonly known techie website providing product reviews, pricing information and just plain interesting article about digital stuff.

Techcrunch: This is one high powered and popular technology websites out there. Techcrunch ventures into a beyond range of digital and Internet topics should as social networking.

Bonus Site...Bonus Site...Bonus Site...Bonus Site...Bonus Site...Bonus

OK... I said I was only going to list my five favorite sites, but I must mention one more. It IS my favorite source of technology information...

Wired: To begin, Wired has has an incredible iPad App...the site is colorful, informative and innovative. Wired uniquely blends technology issues with societal and cultural issues, making for some interesting reading.

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