Monday, December 05, 2011

Famous IQ Scores

Yesterday I started reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. The book deals with extraordinary people and the unique opportunities that paved their path to success. One person mentioned in the book is Chris Langan. Langan is famous because his IQ is 195. To put this in perspective the average IQ score is 100 and a score of 140 or above is considered "genius". Langan's incredibly high IQ made me curious. I wondered what some other famous people's IQ's might be... so this morning I did some investigating and found the IQ scores of these well known people:

Albert Einstein (Scientist): IQ Score 160

Arnold Schwarzennegger (Actor/Politician/ Bodybuilder): IQ Score 135

Bill Gates (Microsoft Owner): IQ Score 160

Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State): IQ Score 140

James Woods (Actor): IQ Score 180

Stephen Hawking (Physicist): IQ Score 160

Steve Martin (Comedian/Actor): IQ Score 142

Reggie Jackson (Baseball Player): IQ Score 160

Bobby Fisher (Chess Champion): IQ Score 187

Madonna (Singer/Dancer/Actress): IQ Score 140

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