Monday, March 05, 2012


Over the weekend I discovered a really cool new smartphone app called HeyTell. HeyTell allows a user to record a message and send it to another HeyTell user. It is kind of like "voice texting" (hey, is that an oxymoron?). I downloaded HeyTell but realized I didn't know anyone else that was a HeyTell user, so I downloaded it to my wife's iPhone to try it out.

Me: I just put HeyTell on your phone
Her: What is HeyTell?
Me: Its a voice texting service
Her: Isn't that an oxymoron?
Me: Lets try it...I'm going into the living room and then I'll send you a HeyTell message
Her: OK
Me: (Holding my iPhone with the HeyTell app open, I say) "Testing, testing HeyTell".
Her: (Shouting to me from the kitchen) I heard it beep, but how do I get the message off this thing?
Me: (Shouting back) Press the small yellow banner across the top of the phone with my name in it.
Her: (Shouting) I don't see a yellow banner.
Me: (Shouting) Try opening the HeyTell app to see the yellow banner.
Her: (Shouting) OK ,I see it. I'll press it (I can hear my voice) "Test, testing HeyTell". Now what?
Me: Say something back.
Her: (Shouting) "Something back".
Me: Very funny. (A few moments later from the living room) I've got your message. I'll send you another one. (Speaking into HeyTell) "Hello, this is your Supreme Leader Bill Parcells. I am calling from the hydro-graphic planet Albacore in the galaxy known as Bumble Bee. (I wait) Did you get it? Did you get my message on HeyTell?

For a about a minute I heard nothing...just silence. What's going on, I thought...then all of a sudden my phone rang. It was my wife.

Me: (Surprised) Hello?
I've got an idea.
Me: What?
Her: Rather than wasting all this time sending HeyTell messages back and forth, I thought I would just call you, so you could tell me what life is like on Albacore, "Bill" or should I hang up so you can phone me? "Bill".
Me: But...
Her: You do have my telephone number don't you, "Bill", or do people on Albacore just send each other HeyTell messages?
Me: No, Albacore is an advanced civilization...they use their phones for calling too.
So, Albacorians are an advanced civilization and they use their smartphones to call other Albacorians?
Me: Yes
Her: Then just call me, "supreme leader".

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