Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Need A Recommendation? I Recommend Jybe

Every so often I come across a cool new smartphone App. This morning I found a brand new one called Jybe...how new? Jybe was launched yesterday that's how new.

Jybe gives the user suggestions from other "local" Jybe users on various topics of interest.

OK since Jybe is so new and me being me...I signed up this morning to check it out.

Once I completed the registration process Jybe presented me with three "topics of interest", Dining, Movies and Books. I tapped "Books" just to see what would happened. Twenty eight book categories appeared and I was asked to indicate which of these I liked. I checked off...Biographies, Computers, Cooking and Dining, History, Home and Garden and Literature.

After entering the types of books I liked I clicked "Recommend" and got the following recommendations: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson recommended by Bill Jones and 7 other (Bill Jones is a fake name), Good Omens by Neil Gaiman recommended by Mary Jones (fake name again), Bossypants by Tina Fey recommended by Tom Jones (no not the singer, its a fake name too) and six other others.

I love Tina Fey. Her book Bossypants has intrigued me for a while, so after I read it I'll write a Jybe recommendation. Then when you sign up for Jybe and look for book recommendations you'll see Bossypants recommended by Tony Accardi (yes, this is my real name).

I like the Jybe concept. Yes, it reminds me of Yelp (real name) which also offers recommendations... but here is the big difference between Jybe and Yelp. Jybe uses a set of personalized criteria (likes and dislikes) that customize the recommendations for the you the user.

I'd call Jybe a good find...see if you agree.

Give Jybe a try

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Anonymous said...

Great article, Tony. I'll use this Jybe app all the time. One thing, though: Your "Give Jybe a try" link links to a different company with a similar name. The makers of the Jybe app have the following website address: http://www.jy.be