Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The other day I was heading out for an all day appointment, so I checked my iPhone's charge...oh no, only 20% left. I know, I know I should have checked it the night before, but I didn't think of it (hey, you can't remember everything).

Have you ever faced a similar experience? (I'll bet you have)
Well, relief might be right around the corner.

A Massachusetts based company named WiTricity has developed a "wireless charger".

Here is how it works... You plug WiTricity's remote charger into a 110 AC outlet somewhere in your house, the living room, kitchen etc. Then while you're sleeping your smartphone wirelessly connects and recharges itself. I'm not kidding.

Wow, this is the best thing I've heard of since easy spread butter.

Why am I so excited? because WiTricity's remote charger just doesn't charge phones...no, it can charge other "appropriately equipped" devices also.

"Appropriately equipped"?

Yes, I said appropriately equipped. This means devices that have installed magnetic coils compatible with WiTricity's charger. OK, the science on how this thing works is over my head, but I'll try...its something about one magnetic field connecting to another oppositely charged magnetic field and inducing (how do you like that scientific term) an electric current. So the WiTricity charger has one of these fields and the device being charged has the opposite field...and when they meet your phone gets charged. I told you, way too complicated for me (my head hurts).

Imagine the possibilities here...just think of the household devices that could be recharged like this making life much easier for us...how about fire/smoke detectors that recharge themselves, TV remote controls that do, flashlights, laptops, iPods, home tools, etc...and how about this one (you're going to think I'm crazy), but how about an electric car that wirelessly charges itself while sitting in your driveway.

Watch for this...I think its going to be big.

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