Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mid-month recording statistics

Now that we've passed the halfway point for the month of April, we can compare the recording statistics for the first two weeks with the same period last year.  For April 1 thru April 16:  The number of deeds recorded in the two years was nearly the same: 193 in the first two weeks of April 2012 and 191 for the same time in 2011.  Mortgages, however, showed a substantial increase, rising 42% from 385 in 2011 to 548 in 2012.  Foreclosure deeds also had a big spike, rising 50% from 14 in 2011 to 21 in 2012.  Orders of notice on the other hand dropped by a huge amount - 77% - from 60 in 2011 to just 14 in 2012.  Total documents recorded was down slightly (7%), from 2678 in 2011 to 2496 in 2012. 

That's a quick snapshot.  Obviously, the stats for the entire month will be more informative, but there are some interesting trends to watch here: Sales remain sluggish; refinancings are increasing significantly; while foreclosure deeds are up, orders of notice - new foreclosures entering the pipeline - are way down.

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