Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Google GBike

Google's main company head-quarters is known as the Googlepex. The Googlepex is just one of Google's forty-six locations throughout the world. Each housing thousands of employees. This main facility, a massive complex, has 20 buildings spanning 506,310 sq ft set on 26 acres in Mountain View, Santa Clara, CA.

Google's free-spirited organization is designed to promote creativity. This loose structure means employees travel from building to building throughout the day.

And that is the topic of this entry...How do Google employees travel to their appointed work locations on the complex?

Since 2008 Google employees have used GBikes or pedal bikes specifically designed for Google and its employees to get around. Recently, after several years of "biking" the campus Google thought it was time to replace its existing fleet. But what would the new two wheelers look like?

For the answer, the meg-company turned to its employees and sponsored a competition. Google received 36 entries from its staff.

The winning design for Google's GBike is pictured below.

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