Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What's Almost Here?

Apple Computer sent out invitations to a "special event" next Wednesday, September 12 in San Francisco (no, I didn't get one).

"Its almost here" the invite declared. Of course, every red-blooded techie geek (like me) in the world is asking "What! is almost here?

Is IT a new iPad-mimi that "is almost here?
Is IT a new iPod that "is almost here"?
Is IT a new Apple TV that "is almost here"?

The guessing game is on...but Apple has given us one really big hint. Below is the cover of the invitation sent for next week's event:

The "12" which represents the date of the event (September 12), casts a shadow of a "5"...of course, speculating is rampant that Apple is hinting with this shadow "5" it intends to release iPhone 5 on September 12.

Then there is this video...

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