Thursday, January 31, 2013

Foreclosure auction dates

A customer emailed the other day to ask if we had a list of the dates of upcoming foreclosure auctions.  I said we did not and added that I knew of no such list.  The only way to compile such a list would be to review the legal notices in the local newspaper each day and extract the date, time and address of each auction and I know of no one that does this.  But such a list would be of considerable interest to a wide variety of people so I decided that perhaps we here at the registry should maintain such a list.  I've only started considering the logistics of that, but I'm thinking of something simple like a public Google calendar or a calendar widget on this blog on which we would add each new foreclosure auction date based on each day's legal notices in the local newspaper.  I'll keep everyone informed of our progress on this but if anyone has any suggestions for an app to use, please leave a comment or email lowelldeeds[at]

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kad barma said...

This is a great idea. I've long felt that the requirement for legal notices and other public disclosures to be sent only to newspapers to be a dinosaur practice. Considering that here in Lowell the newspaper distribution is to fewer than 50% of households, I think its long past time we reconsider the rules about this sort of thing. The object is to inform the public, after all...

The effort to compile and distribute the information would be vastly streamlined if there was an email address to which to send a copy of the notice. ("" or something?)

In the absence of that possibility, or until the day it becomes reality, I can imagine it would be a valuable public service to both the buyers and sellers of foreclosed properties for the marketplace to be expanded by better information on all sides.

Great idea.