Thursday, February 07, 2013

Breaking News: All Massachusetts Courts to close tomorrow at noon

We just got word from the Administrative Office of the Trial Court that all state courts will close tomorrow at noon.  As reasons for this, the Court states that the MBTA will cease operations at 1 pm (which is by itself a big story if correct).  Because the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds is located within a courthouse, we must close when the courthouse closes.  We will open at our normal time - 8:30 am - so if you have anything to record, please come as early as possible.


darla stefanik said...

This has nothing to do with the snow storm. When I arrived at the registry this morning I saw old record books and Grantor/Grantee indices being thrown into a panel truck to be hauled off to who knows where. I can not tell you how sad this made me; not only becasue those beautiful books are just being dicarded, but also that all of them have not been correctly scanned and if we examiners need to verify any of the information from the books, they will be forever unavailable.

Dick said...

It's too bad that chronic malcontents spread such false stories. The books removed from the registry yesterday were individual year indexes from before World War Two that have long since been consolidated into multi-year indexes. When I first arrived here in January 1995, they were already piled in a corner of the basement and that's where they've remained, untouched and unused, gathering dust and mold ever since. In 18 years they have not been touched, never mind used, by anyone. They had no value, either informational or as artifacts of an earlier era. The consolidated indexes continue to be securely stored on site for the rare occasion when we discover an improper scan. The old, unused, single year indexes were removed yesterday by a recycling company at no charge to the Commonwealth.