Friday, February 15, 2013

Foreclosure auction calendar

A short time ago I wrote that we were looking for a method to collect and make public the dates of upcoming foreclosure auctions in the towns of our district.  Up until now, the only way to learn of those dates is by scanning the legal notices of the local newspaper each day.  The dates are not all aggregated in one place.  I decided to try a Google calendar which I have made public.  Each entry contains the address of the property being foreclosed plus the book and page number of the mortgage being foreclosed.  Everyone with an internet connection should be able to view the calendar.  Because we're only in the testing phase, I posted just four foreclosures scheduled for early March so when you go to the calendar using the link below, it defaults to February and there's nothing posted there yet.  Just flip to March and you should see the four foreclosures.  We will add new foreclosures on an on-going basis and will try to fill in others in the coming days if we're able to find back issues of the appropriate newspapers.

Here's the link our new foreclosure calendar.


kad barma said...

This is great! (btw, your link URL needs to be edited--it has some extraneous stuff in front of the google calendar URL).

Anonymous said...

Link is not working

Dick said...

sorry about that. I believe the link is correct now.