Monday, February 04, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

When I started this blog way back in 2003, I intended it to be about real estate and registry matters, but when I look back through nine years of blog archives, I often find that "current events" provide some of our most interesting posts.  This is especially true for major sporting events (although that may have been because New England teams often played a prominent role).  Still, last night's Super Bowl XLVII turned out to be an exciting game with the Ravens holding off the 49ers, 34-31.  Baltimore pulled ahead to a big lead and seemed to have the game wrapped up when they returned the kickoff that opened the second half for a touchdown but then the lights in the stadium went out and the game was delayed for 35 minutes.  When play resumed, San Francisco had new life and stormed back.  With less than two minutes to play and down by 5 points, the 49ers had the ball at the Ravens 7 yard line but couldn't score a game winning touchdown despite having four plays.  Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco was the MVP and neither the commercials nor the halftime show (which starred Beyonce) created much buzz at work the morning after.  So it was a game with an exciting finish which has been the case more often than not in the past decade or two.  Too bad the Patriots weren't in it but I heard somewhere that when they next lose a Super Bowl they will set the record for the franchise with the most Super Bowl defeats which I suppose is a pessimistic way of looking at it.  Pitchers and catchers report in seven days.

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