Friday, October 18, 2013

Northeast Association of Realtors annual meeting

Yesterday I was the guest speaker at the annual meeting of the Northeast Association of Realtors at their Westford headquarters.  Advertisements for the event suggested the main topic of my remarks would be the workings of the Registry of Deeds Modernization and Efficiency Commission of which I am a member, and I certainly did talk about that, but a more accurate title for my talk might be "everything you want to know about registries of deeds but were (previously) afraid to ask."

Besides the makeup and work of the Commission, I devoted time to registry computer systems, both how the ones currently in use came to be and the characteristics of a future system; electronic recording including its basic operation, the business models currently in use, and the manner in which that technology might affect their profession.  The distinction between recorded land and registered land was another topic.  Most have some understanding of the two systems but it always helps to be reminded.  There were many questions on a wide range of topics and it was an enjoyable and useful discussion.   

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