Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Besides maintaining official copies of land records for land located in the registry district, the registry of deeds also collects revenue for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, mostly in the form of recording fees and documentary stamps.  The total amount collected here at Middlesex North was $13,475,328 which averaged $1,122,944 per month.  Through September of 2013, our average monthly collection is $1,198,533 which is ahead of last year's average.  Gains have occurred in both recording fees (a monthly average of $443,593 in 2012 and $463,542 in 2013) and in documentary stamps (a monthly average of $501,427 in 2012 and $558,363 in 2013).  The highest monthly total for recording fees for both 2012 and 2013 was in September 2013 with $633,130 collected and the highest monthly total of tax stamps was in August 2013 when $832,556 was collected.  So even though the volume of recordings seems to be down for the past two months, the revenue generated during those two months is a positive indicator.

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