Friday, September 11, 2009

Electronic Recording Glitch

Electronic recording customers who submit documents through eRX (the electronic recording division of ACS) have recently experienced problems submitting deeds and mortgages through the electronic recording system. ACS has informed us that they have identified a problem with the way that the system calculates the recording fees and excise tax for deeds. (ACS claims that this bug has existed all along, but we never saw it in the five years that we’ve used the system and have only experienced it since the Middlesex South registry began electronic recording two months ago). While trying to correct the problem, ACS eliminated deeds and mortgages as possible document types that could be selected by their customers (without informing us or the customers apparently), meaning that no eRX customers could submit either of those document types. Now that they’ve focused on deeds as the problem, eRX has supposedly reactivated mortgages for Middlesex North although they still have “deeds” blacked out until they fix the problem.

Throughout the time of the eRX problem, we have received a steady stream of deeds through the electronic recording system without any problems. Presumably these are coming from Simplifile customers. ERX continues to work on this problem, but there is no estimate of when it might be fixed.

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