Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Google's Fast Flip

Its called Fast Flip and once again Google is the creator. Fast Flip is,well, a newsreader.
Why does Google think the world needs another newsreader you ask?…because the others are flawed.
Google believes most newsreaders today are difficult to use...and I agree.
Enter Google with its new Super-reader...
Fast Flip presents news headlines in a more comprehensive easier to use format.
Google's new reader displays front pages of major newspapers, seven across in three horizontal rows.
Hyperlinks allow the user to pick from several topics…Politics, Business, US, World, Sports, Sci/Tech, Entertainment/Health, Opinion and Travel just to name a few. Click one of the topics and bam (as Emerald would say) the headlines of the displayed newspapers change to the selected topic…pretty cool, huh?
I like Fast Flip and I don’t…
What I like is the easy way your eyes move across the page scanning various headlines.
What I don’t like is the size of the print. It is way too small for my old eyes…Try it out yourself

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