Monday, September 14, 2009

TV Legends Come to YouTube

If you love Television you are going to love the Academy of Television Arts & Science Foundation's new website. As stated in a New York Times article the television foundation launched a website contianing numerous interviews with legends of TV. Classic TV stars such as Bob Hope, Walter Cronkite and Milton Berle, Michael J Fox and Alan Alda speak in depth about their careers and influences. The project actually started over a decade ago. The TV Academy began interviewing “stars, producers, writers and executives to create a digital encyclopedia of TV history” (NYT). As of today the Archive of American Television has posted only half of the recorded interviews on YouTube. The website is very simple to use and the quality and content of the interviews are excellent.
There are four main categories you can search: Topics, Shows, Professions and People.
And these main categories are broken into searchable subcategories. As an example the Topic category is broken down to Bloopers, Creative Influences, Emmy Awards, Historic Events, Memorable Moments, Pop Culture, Technological Innovation, Television and the Presidency, Television Industry and TV’s Golden Age.
You'll find the site at
Here is a sample of an interview with comedian Sid Caesar star of Your Show of Shows.

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