Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Beatles punk Apple

Did you ever hear the word punk’d?
No, what does it mean?
The word punk’d actually comes from the name of a TV show of the same name hosted by Ashton Kutcher. During the show Kutcher played practical jokes on other celebrities deceiving them into thinking a crazy scenario or situation is real.
When Kutcher fooled the celeb, the celeb was said to be "punk'd".
I’ve been punk’d before, and I am sure you have been to?
Well, yes, I have been punk'd, but what's punk'd got to do with anything?
I think the Beatles are “punk’ing” Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his fabulously successful music site, iTunes.
How are they "Punk'ing" Jobs?
Here is the situation...
Today Apple is holding it annual “invitation only” special music event and they are promising a major announcement, trying to keep the consumer world on edge and capture its attention.
Help me, give me some history to put this in perspective…
OK, here you go...The Beatles and Apple have been involved in a long standing, rocky relationship for years. It started when the Beatles sued Apple Computer for copyright infringement for using the name “Apple”, which is also the name of the Beatles music company.
Then... the rocky relationship got even rockier when Apple(the computer company that is) established iTunes and started selling music.
Oh yeah (or should I say yeah, yeah, yeah), iTunes sells music, but not Beatles music.
The negotiation between iTunes and the Beatles for the right to sell their music has been going on for years…without success.
OK, but what does all this have to do with “punk’d”?
First...the big announcement at Apple’s music event today is NOT going to be an agreement between the band and iTunes to sell Beatles music..rather my sources (also known as my gut) say it is going to have something to do with the iPod.
Now comes "the Punk"…
Today, while Apple makes its “big” music announcement hoping to engage the world,the long awaited video game Beatles Rock Band is being released. This event will undoubtedly steal the stage from Steve Jobs and "the announcement".
And it gets worse for Steve Jobs...
Trust me 9/9/09 is going to be an all Beatles day.
Today the Beatles are also releasing their entire portfolio of music in a new, remastered format, promising to be the best sounding Beatles music yet. Initial estimates predict this new release of Beatles music will make them the best selling album artists of this decade...40 years after they broke up.

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