Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November recording statistics

Our recording statistics for November again send a mixed message. When compared to the numbers from November 2009, the amount of deeds and mortgages recorded are up, but so are foreclosure deeds and orders of notice. When compared to last month, however, all categories are down slightly, suggesting a bit of stability in the market.

First the November to November comparison: For the entire district, the number of deeds recorded in November 2009 was up 24% when compared to the number recorded in November 2008. For the same periods, the number of mortgages recorded was up 92%, orders of notice up 96%, and foreclosure deeds down 10%. For just the city of Lowell, deeds were down 3%, mortgages up 36%, orders of notice up 90% and foreclosure deeds down 38%. For just the nine towns in the district, deeds were up 39%, mortgages up 113%, orders of notice up 106% and foreclosure deeds up 62%.

Comparing the number of recordings in November 2009 to October 2009 paints a different picture. Overall, the number of deeds recorded in November was down 3% from October, mortgages showed no change, orders of notice were down 21% and foreclosure deeds were down 21%. For the city of Lowell during the same two months, deeds were down 13%, mortgages down 15%, orders of notice up 2% and foreclosure deeds down 11%. For the nine towns, deeds were down 2%, mortgages were up 2%, orders of notice were down 44% and there was no change in foreclosure deeds.

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