Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Enter Google

Last Spring my wife and I bought two really nice know the kind with gears galore. We made our purchase in the colder side on Spring, but vowed once the warm weather came we would be out pedaling our way to better health and fitness.

Now, a little preface...I love biking in Florida. Why? because its hills. In the Sunshine state you can go for miles and miles and never strain. Not so here in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, our cycling plan never fully developed...Oh yes, we tried, but Massachusetts is no Florida, as far as biking goes. The few biking treks (get it) we made quickly ended in exhaustion. Why? The hills...too many hills.

Enter Google...I know what you are thinking, "What does Google have to do with biking"? This morning the Internet giant released "bicycle directions for Google Maps".

Now I'm excited. Why? You ask again...because Google Maps plans the bike routes avoiding steep hills.

You can bet as soon as the warm weather comes my wife and I will be back at it...this time with a Google Map in hand.

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