Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lowell Judicial Center delayed

Today’s Lowell Sun reports that the commencement of construction of the new Lowell Judicial Center will be delayed due to the poor economy. The new courthouse, which will house the Superior, District, Juvenile, Probate and Housing Courts, is to be the centerpiece of the city’s Hamilton Canal redevelopment district which is located less than a mile from the current Superior Courthouse. The new building was supposed to open in 2013, but this delay means that construction will not begin until the summer of 2013. With a construction period of 30 months, that would push the grand opening of the facility into 2015.

Even though the registry of deeds will not be moving to this new courthouse, its construction does directly effect us since our current “landlord” is the Trial Court. Once they move out of this building, we would be unable to continue operating here alone, so we’d either have to move out or have a new tenant/owner move in. In either case, that decision was just kicked a few years further down the road.

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