Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Its A Hot One

Its a hot one. Temps are pushing 96 degrees again today for the fourth day in a row and it is oppressive...

But, speaking of hot ones...the highest temperature in the US was recorded in Death Valley, California in 1913, 134 degrees F. Now that's hot.

And speaking of hot...did you know there are only two US states that have never recorded temperatures above 100?...You guessed it, Hawaii and Alaska

And speaking of crickets...did you know "supposedly", that if you count the number of chirps a cricket makes in 15 seconds then add 37 you'll get the temperature..."supposedly".

And speaking of lightning...did you know "supposedly" if you count the seconds between the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder and divide that by two, the result is the number of miles the lightning is away..."supposedly".

And speaking of thunder...did you know that extreme heat (54,000 degrees F) from lightning causes air to expand and the expansion sends a shock wave that creates thunder.

And speaking of Amarillos...nah, I'm only kidding. Keep cool.

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