Friday, July 02, 2010

Update on Index Images

A decade ago we scanned all of our pre-1976 indexes, the ones not already on our computerized system, and since then we've struggled to find a way to make them available on our website. The only thing that's worked thus far has been to bundle the individual page images into very large PDF documents. We've made these PDFs available on the registry's in-house public search terminals and will provide a complete copy for home or office use to anyone who brings us a 16GM USB drive. But the challenge has been to make this material available to everyone with an internet connection, 24/7.

We have now made a significant step towards accomplishing this goal, having caused all of the old index page images to be loaded onto the "new" masslandrecords site. Before it all is ready for public use, however, we must create a set of instructions and fine-tune the way the information is presented. That all should be accomplished in the next few weeks.

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