Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iPhone 5 Coming in June, Of Course

I own an iPhone 4G. It is my second iPhone. Before the 4G, I owned the first generation iPhone.
I must admit, I love both of them (of course).

In America April has become synonymous with the fresh crack of a baseball bat and June traditionally brings a new Apple iPhone.

(As you would expect, of course) Geeky people like me love this and can't wait to see the new Apple creation.
Each new iPhone brings fascinating advancements, so (of course) around this time each year the rumor mill is in over-drive.

This year two major iPhone 5 rumors center around social networking (what else, of course). One feature to be introduced is called "media stream". Media Stream gives friends and family the ability to directly access pictures and video files on your phone (if you want, of course). Another social networking feature is called "Find A Friend". This feature uses Google Latitude and GPS to determine the location of a friend at any given time (if they agree, of course).

There are also rumors stating the new iPhone will change physically as well. First, 5G will be slimmer than the already sleek 4G. And techie magazines are reporting that Steve Jobs never liked the "Home Button" on the iPhone. Apparently, Apple engineers have finally found a way to eliminate it (of course they did, he's the boss).

As soon as a picture is leaked, I'll post it (and of course, you know that will happen).

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