Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowstorm aftermath

The registry of deeds is open for business this morning and all the sidewalks and stairs leading into the courthouse are clear of snow. School was canceled in Lowell today which was probably a wise decision. We received close to 20 inches of snow yesterday and it didn't stop falling until early last evening. The streets are clear but they are also narrow, the snow banks are high, and even sidewalks that had once been shoveled now have giant mounds of snow blocking the walking path across streets. An extra day for cleanup will make it safer for the kids.

We, along with all courthouses in the state, were closed yesterday which is a rare occurrence. All are open today. We only had 62 electronic recordings waiting for us which is about average these days, so there wasn't a big backlog. As I write, the mail carrier pulled up out front. He doesn't seem to have a larger than normal quantity of incoming mail. I think East Coast storms as compared to those directed just at New England push back mail delivery several days because of the large volume of mail that travels by air.

The biggest problem we face seems to be the tin roof that was constructed over the front entrance to the courthouse. This was built ten years ago as a temporary measure to protect against chunks of the building's facade that had began tumbling down onto the front stairs. The thing has been up for so long and has been subjected to so much wind and weather that it's starting to peel off. Already two panels have flown off. Today's wind causes the next panel in line to buck and bang. Soon it's remaining anchor screws will give way and the sheet of medal will slice down onto the sidewalk. Hopefully no one will be standing there when it falls. The trial court maintenance has told folks who called to complain that it will be repaired as soon as possible. Let' hope so.

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