Friday, January 14, 2011

Statistics for mid-January 2011

With a long weekend in front of us (this coming Monday is the Martin Luther King holiday and the courthouse and registry will be closed), it's time to look at our mid-January recording statistics. Although 2010 as a whole presented bleak stats (compared to 2009, deeds and mortgages were flat and orders of notice and foreclosure deeds were up about 40%), since October, the trends have been quite positive, with mortgages up 40% each month when compared to the same month in the previous year, and foreclosure activity down more than 50%.

These positive end-of-2010 trends continue into the beginning of 2011. When January 1 through the 13 of 2011 is compared to the same days in 2010, we find that deeds are up 18%, mortgages up 59%, and foreclosure deeds and orders of notice both down 80%. Hopefully these positive trends will continue.

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