Monday, January 31, 2011

What Cloud?

Today everyone in the technology world is talking about "the cloud".

What cloud? I keep asking myself...

The video below helps explain "cloud computing" and how it might revolutionize the computer industry and the way we use our home computers.

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kad barma said...

Some obvious limitations to "cloud" computing are not always sufficiently emphasized when bragging on its other advantages. For example, not only the programs, but YOUR DATA exists in the cloud, and is owned and controlled by other people. This means that no matter how much you love and rely on the way something works, it can be taken away from you at someone else's whim, and you have no recourse. Worse, should something unfortunate happen to your data, like, say, for instance, its outright loss, or, worse, it's leaking to someone or someplace you'd rather it wouldn't, there's precious little you can do.

For many applications, this compromise is fine. For others, like trusting Intuit with your tax data, I'd recommend thinking long and hard before utilizing the "cloud" alternative to the personal programs you're used to using. (My company wouldn't want its customer list or accounting data on someone else's computer, either).

Caveat Emptor!