Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Take on Watson

Do you like Jeopardy? Well, here is your chance to play the ultimate game.

On Monday I wrote about the three day battle between an IBM super-computer named Watson against two former Jeopardy champions. Well, after two nights of "Man Vs Machine"...machine is winning, big time.

Here's where they stand...
Brad Rutters (Human) $10,400
Ken Jennings (Human too) $4,800
Watson (Machine) $35,734

Yes, Watson is cruising along after two nights of competition earning three times the winnings as Jennings and Rutters...but you've got to give Jennings and Rutters credit...its not easy battling a machine with 21.6 terabytes of memory...

OK, so you think you'd like to take on Watson...well, here's your chance courtesy of the New York on the picture below to begin your game of Jeopardy against Watson.

1 comment:

Jeff Welch said...

I just throttled Watson - 46 to 23.