Friday, February 04, 2011

"Title to Murder"

The city of Lowell has been receiving a lot of attention recently as the setting for the Academy Award nominated film, "The Fighter" which is the story of Lowell boxer Micky Ward. Filmed in the city during the summer of 2009 - with two scenes done here at the Middlesex Superior Courthouse - the movie has already won Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards and is up for several Oscars on February 27.

It turns out that the courthouse in Lowell is not the only venue to be used in movie production. A friend from Cambridge recently sent me a link to a 2001 movie called "Title to Murder" which was filmed at the Registry of Deeds in Cambridge.

Starring Maureen McCormick (Marcia from "The Brady Bunch") and Christopher Atkins (from "Blue Lagoon") and directed by Stephen Furst ("Flounder" from "Animal House"), "Title to Murder" is best described on the film's website:

Maureen McCormick is Leah Farrell, a bored and frustrated title examiner from Charlestown, Massachusetts but a routine title examination changes everything. An elderly woman has disappeared and when Leah goes snooping, she suddenly finds herself in line to be the next victim. District Attorney Paul Shaughnessy, played by Christopher Atkins has got to move fast if he's to prevent Leah from becoming the next murder victim.

I don't remember "Title to Murder" in the theaters, but it was recorded at the registry of deeds in Cambridge, which is quite evident from the trailer embedded on the film's website (which I can't embed here, so go to the website and watch it). But if you're interested in catching a film about title examiners, "Title to Murder" is available on Amazon.

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Jeff Welch said...

Wow. It must've gone straight to video. Or maybe it was a Lifetime Original movie! I hope Netflix has it.