Monday, February 14, 2011

What is Man vs Machine?

Tonight is the night...
What is February 14?, Alex

Tonight the battle begins to answer the big question.
What is "can a computer out smart a human"?, Alex

Tonight Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter face off against an IBM Supercomputer.
What is Watson?, Alex

IBM developed Watson rating the game show as "the ultimate example of displaying knowledge that requires more than just a basic formula or playbook".
What is Jeopardy?, Alex

And this will be a marathon of a contest. Jennings, Rutter and Watson will battle each other for three consecutive nights. Unlike most Jeopardy events the scores of these contestants will roll from show to show.
What is the format?, Alex

IBM was so eager for Watson to compete, it built an entire Jeopardy set at one of its corporate headquarters and brought Alex Trebek and company to Watson.
Where is upper-state New York?, Alex

The battle should make great TV viewing and as contestant Ken Jenning said..."This time, I'm not just playing to pay my mortgage or something, or to feed my kid's college fund, I'm actually sort of representing 7 billion human beings against our new machine tyrants".
What is exaggeration?, Alex

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