Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Electronic Recording Update

I attended a meeting of the Massachusetts Registers of Deeds Association today in Worcester. Electronic recording was one of the topics of discussion. We've been recording electronically recorded documents in Lowell since 2005 and now 23% of our daily document intake is handled electronically.

(For those unfamiliar with this method, the customer scans the original document and uploads it to a secure website along with data about the document. The customer then transmits this electronic package of data and document image to the registry where it is quickly recorded. All fees are paid through electronic bank transfers).

The other registries of deeds in Massachusetts currently doing electronic recording besides Lowell are Plymouth, Hamden, Middlesex South and Norfolk. All report excellent results with widespread acceptance of the technology by members of the local conveyancing bar.

As more registries deploy electronic recording, the volume of recordings submitted to those offices already using the technology is bound to increase.

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