Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The iCloud

Yesterday when I wrote about Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference I really didn't anticipate the new iCloud would be steal the show. Cloud networking is really nothing new. Google has been involved with it for a number of years. But Apple knows how to sell a produce like no one else...hence the iCloud will be huge.
In case you missed it...iCloud will integrate all of your music, photos, videos, Apps, documents etc seamlessly with all of your Apple devices. Example: Lets say I'm walking down the street and Barack Obama calls to me, "hey, Tony how are you doing". I go over to the Commander-in-Chief and take a picture of him with my "iPhone". When I go home and tell my wife I met the Prez and she doesn't believe me, I pull out my "iPad" and show her the picture. Pretty cool.

Here is Steve Jobs explaining the iCloud

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kad barma said...

If this was what stole the show, then it must have been a pretty lame show. I still can't access my iTunes from my Tivo that are both on the same WiFi network at home. This is yet more proprietary and closed BS from a company that wants to own all my data, and I'm just not buying it.