Friday, June 03, 2011

May recording statistics (official)

This past Tuesday (May 31) I put up a preliminary report on recording stats for May 2011. Tuesday turned out to be a busy day, however, so the stats I posted in the morning understate the actual figures which are as follows:

For the entire district, the number of deeds recorded in May 2011 (424) were down 19% from May 2010 (525). The number of mortgages recorded were down 15% (743 in May 2011 to 874 in May 2010). The number of foreclosure deeds were down 23% (a good thing! - 44 in May 2011 v 57 in May 2010). The number of orders of notice were down 8% (71 in May 2011 v 77 in May 2010)

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