Wednesday, June 22, 2011

iPad 2 for Her

My wife's birthday is coming right up (no need to sing) and I've got a great idea for a gift...a new iPad 2. I think I'll, I mean she'll love it. I, ah, she can use it to browse the Internet, watch movies, take pictures and answer my, her email.
Its funny though, when I decided to buy a tablet for my, I mean her...I never even considered anything other than the Apple iPad.
And, apparently I'm not the only one that thinks this way... the iPad totally, dominates the tablet market.
How totally? In the 3rd quarter of 2010 Apple's iPad represented 93% of all tablet sales. I'd say that's "totally" dominating the market, won't you?
Since the iPad spectacular release, experts have been predicting Apple would eventually lose ground to other tablets, like Motorola's Xoom, Blackberry's Playbook and Acer's Iconia....but it hasn't. People are iPad me, I mean my wife.
According to analyst Rodman and Renshaw, iPad sales projections for the June quarter range from 8 million to 11 million. That's a lot of iPads.
So isn't it obvious why I decided to buy myself, I mean my wife an iPad.
Happy Birthday Dear.

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