Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Advanced Recycling in Lowell

Several years ago the city of Lowell changed its trash pickup procedures.  Formerly, almost whatever you put out at the curb in whatever quantity was picked up, no questions asked.  The new system restricts residences to a single large city-issue barrel (officially called you "cart" because of its wheels) but there's an unlimited amount of recycling of paper, plastics, cans and bottles.  But we often have other stuff that needs to be disposed of but is precluded from inclusion in the cart because of its nature (i.e., electronic devices).  Up until now, city residents could call a special number and arrange a curbside pickup providing a credit card number was first given to pay the nominal-to-moderate pick-up fee.

Now, a new outfit called Northeast Material Handling Inc has opened at 38 Prince Avenue (the old Prince Spaghetti plant near the intersection of Gorham and Moore Streets) that accepts drop offs on the second Saturday of each month between the hours of 8 am and noon.  They charge nominal fees for most items.  For example:
  •  Appliances - $7 each -  stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, etc
  • Televisions - $.35 per lb
  • Electronics - $3 - PCs, laptops, radios, speakers, copiers
  • Plastic & Metal - $8 - swing sets, patio furniture, lawn mowers, snow blowers
  • Misc items - $3 - phones, coffee makers, batteries, dehumidifiers, light fixtures, etc
  • Books, paper and cardboard - all free
If you're like me and your garage and basement have piles of no-longer-used stuff that you have difficulty getting rid of, this might be for you.  And it's my understanding that the service is not limited to Lowell residents.


Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with the link.

Dick said...

I just repaired the links; hope they stay fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.