Thursday, January 05, 2012

David Pogue's List of Techie "Stuff"

Every December New York Times' Columnist David Pogue lists his favorite technology devices for the year. I like techie "stuff" and my birthday is not that far off (only seven months, fourteen days, seven hours). Below I've described a fewof the things on Pogue's list, any of which would be a nice gift for someone like me.

Stay N' Store:
This is a small 16 gig flash drive that costs only $25.00. The important word here is small. Stay N' Store is so small it is designed to remain plugged into your computer ALL the time. I could use it to expand my current computer's memory (of course, I wouldn't need Stay N' Store if I got a new computer for my birthday).

SoundRacer: I drive a Jeep Wrangler and I love it, but it is not very stylish. For just $32 SoundRacer could solved this problem for me. You see if I had SoundRacer all I would have to do is plug it into the Jeep's DC outlet and I've got an instant Ferrari, almost. Once connected SoundRacer simulates the sounds of acceleration, shifting and braking of a souped up sports car.

iCookbook: A mere $5...You should've seen the face of my iPad after all my holiday cooking...covered with smudges of butter, morsels of dough, sticky sticky sticky, all from swiping through pages of my favorite recipes. I love my iPad too much to treat it like a napkin. iCookbook would allow me to turn pages using volume commands so I can keep my pasty fat fingers off the screen. BTW, I've decided this thing is so cheap, that even if I don't get it for a birthday present in seven months, fourteen days and seven hours, I'm going to kick out the five bucks myself and get it anyway.

Turbomount: And speaking of tablet computers...I love mine, but I hate that I have to hold it with one hand and control it with the other. No, I'm not asking for more hands for a gift...rather for about $100 Turbomount system solves the problem, providing two adjustable arms that'll hold my tablet for me.

And here is my absolute favorite...

Audio Bulbs: $300, yes a little pricey, but...Audio Bulbs are wild! Can you imagine a light blub that's a speaker too? A wireless transmitter sends sound from an iPod, iPad, or CD player to, don't laugh, a light bulb. No, I'm not kidding...If I had an audio blub, I'd replace my living room "100 watter" with one and read my latest book (Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72) while listening to Warren Zevon belt out Werewolves of London...from the lamp shade. I just gotta have one of these.

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