Tuesday, January 31, 2012

whatifsports predictions Patriots 27-25

I don't know why they should even bother to play the Superbowl? The results are already in...

The Patriots will be World Champions. How do I know...whatifsports.com told me. Whatifsports.com predicts NFL winners including the score and games details.

In a squeaker whatifsports' computer model predicts the New England Patriots will defeat the New York Giants 27-25. Two points!? What a game, what- a- game!

And I've got details...

Both Tom Brady and Eli Manning will throw one interception and each team will turn the ball over once on a fumble. How do I know this? whatifsports' computer model told me.

And more...

The Giants defense will pressure Brady all day sacking him three times. But super Tom is tough and will still manage to throw for 296 total yards. Eli Manning too will feel the Pat's front four breathing down his neck. The Pats will get to Manning twice before game's end. But Manning will still have a good game throwing for 267 yards. I know this because whatifsports' computer model says so.

Details, details, details...

The Giants will be successful on six out of thirteen three downs tries an the Pats will convert six out of twelve third downs. The Patriots will punt three times the Giants four. The Pat's will rush the ball 24 times for a total of 98 yards and the Giants 27 times gaining 108 yards. Both teams will have three penalties called against them and both will average 20 yards on kick returns.

How do I know all this? Well, if whatifsports' computer model predicts it, it must be true.

Yes, whatifsports gives more details... but I'm going to stop right here before you decide its not even worth watching the game.

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