Thursday, June 07, 2012


The other day someone asked if I ever heard of Airtime.
Never, I said.

Then yesterday I was half-paying attention to some boring TV show that deserved to be half-paid attention to, when I saw two guys being interviewed about, you guessed it... Airtime.

What the I out of the loop or something?

The screen scrolled the names of the two interviewees...Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning. Parker is/was the president of Facebook and Shawn Fanning the developer of Napster.


OK these two guys are big timers in the social media world. This Airtime thing has got to be worth checking out, I thought.

So this morning I googled "Airtime" and here is what I found out.

Airtime is associated with or a division of Facebook, I think. You even use your Facebook login to access it. From what I can gather, it is kind of Facebook by video.

AllThingsD says this about Airtime: The service matches Facebook users with both their friends and strangers with common interests for video chats. Facial-detection software helps the app identify when no actual faces are on screen, and will have eBay-like user rankings to filter out miscreants.

Here is a video showing Airtime founders Parker and Fanning talking about their new release:

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