Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface

Yesterday, Microsoft introduced Surface to the world.

I must admit, I'm hoping, but skeptical about Microsoft's foray into the computer tablet market.
Why, do I feel this way?
Remember the Zune? Actually, does anyone remember the Zune? Get my point.

But I'm hopeful and I really want Microsoft to succeed.
Why, do I feel this way?
Because Apple iPad needs some real competition to control the price and to keep product development moving forward.

So, I'm hoping and I truly believe Microsoft can regain some of the magic that made it King.
Why, do I feel that way?
I've seen Microsoft's new tablet and it looks good...and it has some really cool improvements over your typical tablet.

See what you think.

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kad barma said...

It's telling to me that nowhere in their discussions or demonstrations of this new widget do they show how any of Microsoft's other technology (Bing, Kinect, etc. etc.) is expressed in this new platform. Strikes me as a lot like Zune: Derivative technology without any real or effective design vision. So its cover is a keyboard, and they do 16x9. Hardly things to change the game...