Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPad Mini

 At High Noon today, Apple Inc will stand toe to toe with Google, the maker of the Nexus tablet, look it straight in the eye and announce the iPad Mini. This announcement is sure to begin a show-down unlike no other since Will Kane and Frank Miller faced each other on a dusty street in  Hadleyville, New Mexico.
Interestingly enough, no official name has been released yet for the iPad Mini". Experts are calling it iPad Mini, but who knows Apple could call its new device..."little iPad" or "son of iPad" or maybe"teenie weenie iPad", smurf iPad, petite iPad....OK enough, I could go on with this forever.

Anyway, back to the iPad Mini (that's what I'll call it for now)...

It seems Apple believes its new, smaller tablet will be perfect for students. Because of this many speculate Apple will also announce a new iBook store with more "textbook-like" features. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs established a policy several years ago that supports this assumption. Jobs, looking toward the future, began selling Apple products at a discounted price to schools...smart, very smart.

But the price of the iPad Mini is really the key...If it hits the market under $200 it will be fabulously successful, but that seems unlikely. Apple is not the richest company in the world because it sells its products cheap. Most observers speculate the Mini will sell from $300-$350, which puts it in a tough market range, but Apple usually wins tough fights.     

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