Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Jerry Brown Approves Autonomous Car

I'm sixty one years old (am I feel it). That's old enough to remember California Governor Jerry Brown's first term(s). So, why mention my age? because Brown was first elected to the governorship in 1975.  Yup, 37 years ago. And many things have happened during those 37 years, one of which was the "reelection" of Jerry Brown to the governorship in 2010.

Stay with me here, I've got a point to make...

It was during his terms in the 1970's that Brown earned the dubious label, "Governor Moonbean".

Hang in...

Chicago columnist Mike Royko dubbed Brown "Moonbean" because of his fascination with outer space and his proposal that California launch its own satellite. OK, so it sounds a little weird.

Please, don't give up now, I'm almost to my point... 

Regardless of how one feels about Jerry Brown you must admit, he is a mover. He was in the 70's and he is today.

Finally, my point...

Last week California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law legislation that allows "self driving cars" on California roads. Yup, I'm talking about cars that totally drive themselves...you know, turn on their own, accelerate on their own, brake on their own etc. Search engine giant Google developed the Autonomous car and has been testing it extensively for a number of years. 

According to the Los Angeles Times the bill, which was filed by California State Senator, Alex Padilla does the following:

* Sets up safety and performance standards for the safe operation of autonomous vehicles on California's public roads

* Allows for the operation of autonomous vehicles on California's public roads by a licensed driver

* Requires that an autonomous vehicle meet all applicable safety standards and performance requirements in state and federal law

* Allows the Highway Patrol, in consultation with the Department of Motor Vehicles, to recommend to the Legislature additional requirements for the safe operation of such vehicles on California's roads. (LA Times)

So does it take a governor nicknamed "Moonbeam" to take a daring move...NO.

The same legislation has also been passed in  Neveda and is under serious consideration in Arizona, Hawaii, Florida and Oklahoma.  


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