Friday, October 26, 2012

Only As Old As You Feel

This morning someone told me that Bill Wyman, base guitarist for the Rolling Stones turned 76 yesterday. Yikes...that makes me feel old, but it also got me thinking, so I started checking the ages of some other well known celebs. Be prepared, some of this might shock you.

Sean (Bond, James Bond) Connery is 82 years old.

Clint (Dirty Harry) Eastwood: 82 years old.

Alex (Jeopary) Trebeck: 72 years old. 

William (Star Trek) Shatner: 81 years old

Jimmy (President) Carter:  88 years old

Nancy (First Lady) Regan: 91 years old

Joan (Comedian) Rivers: is 79 years old

Barbara (Reporter) Walters: 83 years old

Chuck (Texas Ranger) Norris: is 72 years old

Willie (CW Singer) Nelson:  79 years old

Diane (Actress) Keating: 66 years old

Sally (Flying Nun) Field: is 65 years old

Harrison (Hans Solo) Ford: is 70 years old

Steven (ET) Spielberg:  66 years old

Carl (Red Sox) Yastrzemski: is 73 years old

Babe (Boston Patriot) Parilli: 82 years old

Bill (Boston Celtic) Russell: is 78 years old

Ringo (Beatle) Starr: is 72 years old

Dion (& the Belmonts) DiMucci: is 73 years old

And Me, Tony Accardi (Assistant Register of Deeds) is 61 years old.

But're only as old as you feel.

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