Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I Predict...

I'd like to go out on a limb here and make a few predictions about various topics I find interesting. What qualifies me to make predictions? Well I figured if Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson could do it every Sunday...I could too.

Prediction Number One: Windows 8 is coming out soon, very soon. Microsoft's new OS will feature an operating system that can be controlled by either a mouse or touch screen, a great feature. Windows 8 is radically different from Windows 7. And Microsoft doesn't do "different" well. 
I predicted… Microsoft will ship Window 9 soon, very soon too.

Prediction Number Two: Some guy by the name of Felix Baumgartner plans on jumping 23 miles in a free-fall from a hot air balloon this week, wow. Baumgartner is a former skydiver (like that’s going to make a difference). He believes his speed of descent will break the sound barrier (that's got to hurt his ears). 
I predict… this will be the one and only time Felix attempts this jump.

Prediction Number Three: In Burmese, scientist found a 100 million year old fossil depicting a wasp trapped in a spider web. The spider planned on having the wasp for dinner (or maybe a late lunch, its hard to tell from just looking at the fossil), but apparently it never got to its tasty treat. This just might be the event that began the age old feud between these two arthropods. 
I predict… sometime in the next 100 million years wasps and spiders will settle their differences and live together in peace.

Prediction Number Four: No doubt, Apple intends to release an iPad Mini in the very near future. I own the Google Nexus Tablet (or should I say "my wife" and I own it) which is similar in size to the new Mini. We also own (or should I say "my wife" owns) an iPad 2 which is larger. Truthfully, I find the smaller sized Nexus more comfortable in my hand. 
I predict… the new Apple iPad Mini will be more popular that the standard size iPad and... I further predict I will be buying one (or should I say buying one for "my wife").

Prediction Number Five: I really don't know much about Operating Systems, Skydiving, Insects of Apple iPads, so I predict... this will be my last time predicting 

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kad barma said...

The 23 mile descent has valuable practical application, in learning more about how to create and maintain "lifeboat" capabilities as our vessels travel closer and closer to true space.