Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Basement Uses

For years the basement of the registry of deeds has been used mainly for storage. And for as long as I can remember two finished rooms in the basement and an unfinished tunnel were used for public record access and research. Once we finished scanning all Record Books and Registered Land documents and made them available to the public these areas were freed up for internal registry use. For the last two years the basement area has been used as a scanning room, a function that served use well. We have completed most of our scanning projects so the need for a large room used solely for scanning no longer exists. This frees up space and of course, brings opportunity.

Here are some of the things we are considering for this space:
1. Moving our 200,000 original Registered Land documents to the long unfinished tunnel area. This will make these documents easier to access and safer.
2. Converting one of the two former lower record hall rooms to store computer hardware. The room and equipment would be secured by building a wall with a locked door. Of course these are the plans but in difficult budget time likes this plans are often put on hold.

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