Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Live and Learn

"Live and Learn" as they say...well we did just that. Yesterday, the power went out at the registry of deeds for about an hour. The outage taught us a lesson. We operate two main terminals for recording documents. They are located on the counter in the Recording Hall. When the power went down yesterday, so did these "essential cashiering stations". Fortunately, an employee had only "just" begun to record on one of these when the lights went out, so no information was lost. But a lesson was learned...these terminals need a battery back up. This morning we took action...we connected both terminals to a small UPS. We know UPS's provide power for a limited time. We do not expect to continue long term recording during a power outage. That's not the plan...rather, in the event of another power fail we now have the capability to finish a recording in process, then do a soft computer shut down. This was a good lesson learned with no harm done.

Cashiering Terminal

Newly Installed Battery Backup

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