Monday, December 14, 2009

The Google Phone Is Here

I tell my granddaughter all the time “No one listens to me”.
She agrees.

Here is an example...Two months ago after reading an article in a techie magazine, I told my wife that Google was going to start making and selling its own cell phone.

Here is the conversation that ensued

Wife: Where do you get this stuff? No way...why would Google make their own cell phone? Google is a search company!
Me: No, you're wrong.
Wife: I'M wrong?
Me: What I mean is, you are not completely accurate.
Wife: That's better.
Me: Google is far more that just a search has already developed the Android software that runs Verizon’s Droid cell phone.
Wife: Why would Google want to get into the cell phone business?
Me: Remember when we rented the movie Titanic?
Wife: Yes
Me: Do you remember the scene when Leonardo DiCaprio hangs from the bow of the ship and declares, “I’m the King of the World”? That's what Google wants to be, King of the World.
Wife: Are you sure you are not trying to get me to buy you a new iPhone for Christmas?
Me: No
Wife: So tell me, what is this so called Google cell phone going to be called? The iGoogle? Get it?
Me: Yeah, I get it...but its not funny. Google is calling its new cell phone Nexus One
Wife: Who was Nexus, the Roman god of text messaging or something?
Me: Actually the word is Latin, from past participle of nectere, meaning to bind. So the word Nexus means to connect... as in people.
Wife: When did you become a Latin scholar? Tell me more about it.
Me: The Nexus One is thinner than the iPhone and it is unlocked?
Wife: Hold on, hold on... "unlocked"? What is an "unlocked" cell phone?
Me: It means you do not have to use a designated cell phone carrier. You know, like with my iPhone. I have to use AT&T. With Google's Nexus One we could use any carrier we wanted.
Wife: "WE could use, any carrier WE wanted"...I get it, so you want the Nexus One for Christmas.
Me: I didn't say that, and it won't be out until mid January anyway.
Wife: Does it have a camera?
Me: Yes
Wife: Is it touch screen like the iPhone or scroll wheel like the Blackberry?
Me: Both
Wife: How much is Google going to charge for it?
Me: I don’t know, pricing hasn’t been released yet.
Wife: I thought you were the all knowing, all seeing Google Nexus One guru. But I still don't understand why you think this rumor is real?
Me: Well,Google employees are said to be experimenting with the company's new phone right now.
Wife: If that’s the case and you are right, maybe, just maybe I'll get you one for your 60th birthday.
Me: But I won't be 60 for two years
Wife: I know, but you're a patient person...Truthfully, I’ll believe this rumor about Google making a cell phone when I see one.
Me: OK then...Take a look at this. Why doesn't anyone ever listen to me?

The Nexus One

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